Caught on tape: Filipina woman verbally and physically attacked in hate crime

LOS ANGELES — It was a quite Tuesday afternoon in this Los Angeles parking lot.

Filipina nurse Quiggle Ignacio recounted this incident on her Facebook wall, and shared a video which has now gone viral.

In her post, Ignacio says she was eating lunch in her parked car, when a woman pushing a shopping cart with a baby inside hit her.

Ignacio didn’t bother to check for damage but she looked up, and was greeted by a series of racially-charged verbal assaults.

Ignacio claims the woman screamed at her to go back to China.

She began filming the altercation.

With a baby and a man alongside the unidentified woman, things got worse.

“They yelled at me and hit my car for what? Why did you yell at me?”


Ignacio also shared a picture of some of her injuries.

This photograph is A far cry from her pictorials as a part-time model and actress.

Ignacio has since filed a police report. The confrontation happened around 2:20 pm at the Eagle Rock Plaza.

She’s says that by sharing her story, along with pictures of the assailants, she can add her voice against discrimination and to find justice.

Ignacio says that the ordeal has traumatized her and was still feeling some of the physical after affects.

She has told us that has at least been able to at least return to work since this unexpected incident.

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