Catriona Gray visits charity organizations during Philippine homecoming

Despite her hectic homecoming schedule, Miss Universe 2018 — Catriona Gray — took the time to visit the organizations she’s worked with in the past, even before she bagged the coveted crown.

Catriona met with the staff and children of Young Focus in Tondo, dedicated to help the less privileged — finish their education.

In a recent post on Instagram, Catriona shared how grateful and proud she was when she found out that since winning Miss Universe, Young Focus has received a lot of support from the community.

In fact, the organization’s entire financial needs for this year has been covered.

Catriona said, “We’re not only looking for the silver lining — but working together to create a silver lining for our country’s children.”

Catriona also paid a visit to Love Yourself — an organization that seeks to raise awareness on HIV and aids.

The beauty queen has shared in the past that she took on this advocacy because she had a close friend who died due to an HIV-related condition.

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