Catriona Gray reflects on Miss Universe experience, with advice for next reigning queen

ATLANTA, GA — Women, from 90 countries and territories came to Atlanta with only one goal in mind: to be crowned Miss Universe 2019.

But reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray said there is more to the Miss Universe beauty pageant than just getting the crown.

 “You want to enjoy the experience, be present in the moment, make friends, take pride in representing your country, which is a great great honor and also use the platform for whatever it is that you want to, because it’s such an amazing opportunity.”

From the moment she arrived in New York City, Catriona did just that.

Miss Universe provided her with an international platform that amplified her voice, her advocacies and her message.

“I want to be remembered as the Queen who serves.”

“I wanted to have a purposeful year and that’s how I wanted to measure my success, working with different organizations for the causes that I believed in; I feel like I have stayed true to that so I feel like I’ve had a very successful year.”

From celebrating her birthday, to sharing fun experiences with her beauty queen roomies like Miss USA, the Big Apple became a second home for the Filipina beauty.

Her famous lava walk took her to New York fashion events on the catwalk and red carpet.  

Catriona left this message for the next Miss Universe 2019.

“Know that this year is just a stepping stone to something greater… so take what you can this year, make what you can, learn what you can and use the platform where you can contribute something; that’s when you impact most people, that’s when you can be the most positive force.” 

Passing down the crown is not the end of the road. 

“I’m not slowing down at all, I see so many comments, Cat we’re going to miss you, I’m like I’m not going anywhere– I’m really excited to enter into this new chapter actually, I’m excited to get back into my creative pursuits especially pursue my love for music.”

For now, Catriona has one last Miss Universe duty this Sunday – to place this $5 million crown made with 18 karat gold, 1770 white diamonds and 3 golden canary diamonds on the head of the next deserving queen.

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