CA’s top lawyer discusses key issues for Asian community

Many offices are on the ballots this week in California, including the office of the Attorney General.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has had a busy 16 months since he was appointed to be the state’s top lawyer.

He took over the post after Kamala Harris was elected to the US Senate.

The AG, who is facing re-election this year met with Asian American media to discuss key issues he’s working on.

“I’m pleased to not just engage in activities that recognize the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans throughout the country, but also communicate with them how important it is that the California Department of Justice is available to them,” said Becerra.

A lot of his work has been a series of lawsuits against the Trump administration, including immigration-related cases.

“We would have to see what Congress does and the president does when it comes to the issue of immigration law. That doesn’t mean when can’t do anything we have already taken action as you’re aware on immigration matters that pertain to the people of California.”

Among those issues that has put him at odds with the president, his challenges to the termination of the DACA program, and travel bans against Muslim countries — both of which are on injunctions.

“We are involved in immigration matters not because we have immigration laws at the state level but because we have the right to defend our people against federal government overreach of unconstitutional actions.”

The latest immigration battle has been over California’s sanctuary state laws which a handful of cities have been revolting against.

While some of the anti-sanctuary cities have gone on to meet with President Trump at the White House, Becerra says he’s prepared for whatever action they will take next.

While he may have become a key figure in the immigration debate, the AG’s office has also been busy on less high profile crimes, recently breaking up human trafficking rings throughout the state while tackling consumer issues as well.


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