Caregivers call on carehomes to vet their staffing agencies

WEST HILLS, CA — As their battles are now hitting the courts, worker rights groups are still hitting the streets.

The Pilipino Workers Center rallied outside a West Hills assisted living facility calling for worker rights.

Last May, with the help of the city attorney, they filed a lawsuit against Filipino-owned and operated Health Alliance, claiming that the staffing agency was underpaying its workers.

The Pilipino Workers Center rallied outside of Fairwinds assisted living facility in West Hills.

While Fairwinds is not in the May lawsuit, the Pilipino Workers Center says they use agencies such as Health Alliance and are calling on these providers to be more vigilant when referring staffing centers to their patients.

“There are still on going residents that they have that hire through Health Alliance corporation, which is still in operation. Which is still not in compliance with the laws,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza from PWC. “And we are here to ask Fairwinds to be a responsible community partner, to help us to educate their residents their clients, what they should look for to make sure they’re hiring caregiving agencies that are in compliance with the law.”

Rufina Tubo worked for Health Alliance in 2014, and was eventually staffed in Fairwinds. She said she was being paid five dollars an hour.

“I am paid $150 per day, that is live in job. 24 hours stay. If you calculate that it is only $5 per hour. Even if there is already a law that protect caregivers that provide the protection for caregivers. To all caregivers past or present, we demand, they should pay us the correct wages that is outlined for us.

Officials from Fairwinds did speak to the protestors, but declined to comment for this report.

Health Alliance Has asked for the city attorney’s case to be dismissed.

They’ve denied the allegations since the campaigns against them started with a series of protests in 2015.

These actions are only a beginning, while the lawsuit only single out Health Alliance. Advocates say there are many more agencies that engage in similar unfair labor practices.

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  • kikay pango
    6 August 2017 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    5/Hr. is too much for live in nanny …. All they do is FB, raid the content of the fridge and sleep, rarely doing there job.