Car crashes into Phoenix car home killing one resident

PHOENIX, Ariz. – A Fil-Am care home owner was devastated when a car crashed intentionally into one of her facilities a week ago damaging an estimated $40,000 worth of property and killing one of her residents.

Maria Bondaryev manages traumatic brain injury patients in her three facilities.

“I was so shocked,” said Bondaryev. “I mean I didn’t know why this would happen to our resident, to our house. It’s like we haven’t done anything that would hurt anyone.”

The car struck 61-year-old resident Jeffrey Brumley in his bedroom and rammed 20 feet away into the kitchen close to where Brumley’s Fil-Am care giver, Jeff Degohermano, was resting.

“Suddenly I heard something strong before we ran into the kitchen,” said Degohermano. “I totally did not know how you would get that thing in there. It seemed more like a plane crash.”
According to the authorities, the driver of the 2004 Nissan, 48-year-old Edward Orpheus may have been suicidal but investigation on the motive is still on-going.

Bondaryev took care of Brumley for the past three years. She said that rebuilding the group home is not as difficult compared to dealing with a life lost from a tragic and senseless incident.

“You miss every patient that you take care of,” said Bondaryev. “You get attached to them because you consider them family.”

I feel sad,” said Degohermano. “I look after them. They are like my family.”

Orpheus is facing felony charges and is booked in jail on one count of manslaughter and six counts of endangerment.

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