Candidates make final push before critical NY primary

NEW YORK – Presidential hopefuls are making last ditch efforts to woo New York voters before tomorrow’s primary.

GOP frontrunner Donald trump is poised for a resounding victory in his hometown with a double digit lead over his rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Trump could gain all 95 delegates at stake in New York, a winner-take-most state. Although New York is considered one of the most liberal states, Trump is especially popular among conservative voters in upstate and rural regions.

“You look at the other folks that are running, they couldn’t care less about New York,” said Trump. “We do care about New York. We care about New York a lot.  We care about New York values.”

Trump’s closest rival Ted Cruz made a clean sweep in Wyoming. The Texas senator won all 14 delegates up for grabs at the State Republican convention on Saturday.

“You know it’s easy to talk about making America great again,” said Cruz. “You can even print that on a baseball cap. But the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made America great in the first place?”

It’s a much tighter race for the Democrats but Hillary Clinton still leads Bernie Sanders by at least 10 points based on new polls.

Clinton makes a final plea to voters in her adopted home state.

“If you will stand up for me and vote tomorrow, the polls will be open until 9 pm,” said Clinton. “I will stand up and fight for you through this campaign and into the White House.”




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