Candidates court immigrant, Filipino voters in Nevada

NEVADA — Last-ditch efforts to get people to vote in Nevada drew high-profile surrogates to the battleground state to rally with Democratic and Republican candidates.

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards recently campaigned with women democratic candidates in Nevada, congressional candidate Susie Lee and senatorial candidate Jackie Rosen, who is trying to unseat Republican Dean Heller.

Hirono said the Filipino votes count — especially on important issues affecting the immigrant community such as healthcare.

“I hope everybody is gonna be voting for Jackie Rosen because everybody cares about healthcare. Right now this administration is pushing for pre-existing condition. If you ask any family Filipino whatever one out of 4 have pre-existing condition.”

“Everywhere I go I know who I am I know, what I’m fighting for I listened to those voices and I’m gonna take those stories with me.”

“Filipinos are small business owners they are caretakers they are nurses. They are vital part of the community and its important to vote,” said Susie Lee.

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