Candidate dropouts and public endorsements shake up Democratic presidential race on Super Tuesday

The much-awaited Super Tuesday is now here, and with 14 states up for grabs, this is the moment that can make or break a presidential campaign — with some major names dropping out of the race over the weekend, just moments before voters casted their ballots on March 3.

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  • Mario
    5 March 2020 at 5:35 am - Reply

    DEMOCRAT is DIVIDED into two groups, BIDEN – establishment candidate, liberal progressive, SANDERS – Socialist. TRUMP Republican Party(GOP) are solid and united into ONE. BIDEN voters are old, seniors, knew the meaning of Socialism, compared to SANDERS, voters are majority, young, millennials. If SANDERS will be the Nominee, Biden’s Dems voter will vote for TRUMP, they are SCARED of Socialism. If BIDEN will be the nominee, Sander’s voter will not vote, will stay home. SANDERS told to WARREN to destroy BLOOMBERG, with a promise to be the VP. She was successful, BLOOMBERG QUIT promised to support BIDEN. Bloomberg people approached WARREN told her, the Socialist movement prefer a young VP maybe CORTES, just in case they lost this election they will be ready on 2024, Warren will be very old by that time. As long as the Price is right Bloomberg people offered WARREN Not to QUIT, this will split Sander’s vote and BIDEN will always take the lead. Politics is a double cross game.