Canadian hostage killed by Islamist extremists in PH

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Calling it a “cold-blooded murder,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is outraged by the killing of Canadian citizen John Ridsdel, who was held captive by an Islamist and extremist group in the Philippines.

On Monday, Philippine officials confirmed discovery of the head of a man in a plastic bag in the southern province of Sulu.

Trudeau says he will work with Philippine officials and other allies to hunt down those responsible for beheading Ridsdel.

“Canada condemns without reservation the brutality of the hostages takers in this unnecessary death,” Trudeau said in Alberta, Canada. “This was an act of cold-blooded murder and the responsibility rests squarely on the terrorist group who took him hostage.”

Kidnapping by a Sword

Abu Sayyaf, which means bearer of the sword, kidnapped 68-year-old Ridsdel, fellow Canadian Robert Hall, and a Norwegian man and Filipino woman last fall.

With a machete pointed to their necks, a video surfaced April 15 showing Ridsdel and Hall appealing to their government to pay a ransom of $8 million each.

A Darker Jungle

Government forces in the Philippines are engaged in a hot pursuit of Ridsdel’s killers in the jungles of Patikul Sulu.

The Western Mindanao Command said it has deployed more troops and resources on the ground and in the air for an intense search of Abu Sayyaf.

Since massive military operations to rescue the captives were launched last Saturday, initial reports say at least 13 of the group’s members have been killed while seven Marine soldiers were wounded.

The other hostages, however, are still being held by the group.

Ridsdel’s Second Home

Back in Canada, Ridsdel was a mining executive. But in the Philippines, he was a sailor.

He loved to sail his catamaran – The Aziza – for months at a time, stopping at various ports and making new friends.

Blogging about his joys of sailing, he recalled how it felt more like commanding an aircraft carrier rather than captain to a sailboat.

Ridsdel would eventually sail to Samal Island, where he was ultimately abducted by Abu Sayyaf.

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  • Kenikeni
    27 April 2016 at 11:39 am - Reply

    Shame on you Pnoy!!!!

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    23 June 2016 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    While enjoying his last days in Malacanang Palace, Peenoy is excited despite of his failure to resolve the ongoing hostage crisis involving Canadian and Norwegian tourists. So he is going to pond the problem to Duterte and later start talking about steps to solve the problem.