Canadian flashmob assembles to spotlight international victims of torture

By Rachelle Cruz

TORONTO – Amnesty’s report, released early December titled “Above the Law: Police Torture in the Philippines,” revealed a major new campaign to stop torture in the country.

“Torture is still taking place, particularly in jails, in police custody,” said Gloria Nafziger, an anti-torture campaigner. “So that’s the focus of this campaign. And we believe that with proper oversight, with proper oversight of prisoners, conditions of prisons, we can stop torture in prisons.”

In the case of Jerryme Corre, his life changed on January 2012 after he was arrested and detained at the Tomas Pepito Police Camp in Angeles City.

The officers accused Corre of stealing, drug possession, and killing a police officer.

Amnesty reported he was tortured by police. He is still in prison today.

The Global Write for Rights event was in full swing. A former political prisoner explained why the letter writing campaign is important.

“Kasi noong nakakulong ako, ang letter writing kept my moral,” said Christopher Sorio. “So I also would like to tell people that when they put their signature, it really matters.”

Whether on the streets, or putting their signatures on paper, people are showing their support.

“We are here to raise the profile,” said Imtiaz Baloch, “Since it’s the International Human day today, we are here to raise the profile of those people.”


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