Canadian Border Services Agents raid home of immigration consultant in three-year investigation

ALBERTA — Canadian Border Services Agents or CBSA raided the home and office of Carl Benito, a well-known Filipino-Canadian who was a former member of the legislative assembly now turned immigration consultant in Edmonton, Alberta.

The raid was part of the three-year immigration fraud investigation by the authorities.

CBSA seized more than $250,000 in cash in his home.

According to Canadian immigration lawyer Chantel Desloges, Benito is accused — but not yet convicted — in court for making fraudulent visa applications for study and work permits, filing applications for people to stay in Canada, but knowing legally they have no grounds to make that application, and for employing people in his office who have no legal status in Canada.

According to Migrante Alberta, the immigration consultant licenses of Carl and his son Charles Benito are now suspended while Carl Mark Benito has restricted practice.

BA attempted to interview Benito, but only received a message on Facebook of his statement that was published in a local Filipino newspaper.

Benito’s son Carl Mark agreed for the interview through a text message, but calls and further text messages were not answered.

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