Canadian activists march against climate change, calling for action

Students in Vancouver were among those who participated in the Global Climate Strike last week, to pressure world leaders to tackle climate change.

Parents also joined their kids, adding Canadians don’t have to look far.

They have the upcoming elections in October to make sure more action is done on the issue of climate change.

Recent polls show the environment and climate change remain top issues that would influence voters in the coming polls.

A closer look at party platforms show the Green Party of Canada with significant promises to fight climate change.

It includes transitioning to renewable resources, pushing for electric public transportation, cutting 60% of carbon emissions by 20-30 and canceling the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline.

They are disappointed with the current leadership.

But Trudeau’s liberal party vows to continue moving forward, after taxing pollution or carbon emissions and banning single-use plastics during its term.

And protests like these will be in vain if elected leaders don’t act on the issue after October.

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