Canada’s Immigration Minister announces updates to caregiver program, including families and work permits

Canada recently announced positive changes to its Caregiver Program, but some kababayans say, it still is not good enough for one of the country’s most in-demand jobs.

Canada’s immigration minister recently met with some members of the Filipino community to provide updates on what government’s done, especially with its caregiver program.

Canada recently announced changes allowing caregivers to bring families with them upon landing and issuing occupation-specific, not employer-specific work permits.

 The first aims to solve problems on family separation, the latter on reported cases of employer abuse.

 “We listened to everything caregivers asked us to do and we delivered. There will be no longer family separation,” said Hon. Ahmed Hussen. “Their work permit limits them to the caregiver industry but not to that employer. So if they get abused, exploited by one employer they can go to another employer as long as they work within the CG industry and their spouse can work anywhere and their children too.

 Some kababayans however say the changes are not enough.

They add with Canada’s continuing demand for caregivers, they should be given immigrant status immediately.

 “The architects, nurses are in demand..any other occupation are allowed to come as an immigrant, skilled occupation. He is just admitting caregivers are skilled in some ways so caregiver should be allowed to come as an immigrant not this temporary system of exploiting them regardless 2 yrs, 4 yrs…they’re still temporary.”

They add caregivers with professional backgrounds such as nurses should also be allowed to practice.

Being allowed to come with spouses and children does not solve family separation, especially if caregivers need to work more than 1 job to provide for their families.

“If they have to work 2-3 jobs in here, they’re still part of family separation — that’s been experience here because most of the youth will not have to spend time with their parents if they have to work 2-3 jobs because they have been deskilled.”

While the minister hoped to remind the community of government’s accomplishments especially with elections coming in the Fall…

“We’ve reunited 20k more families than the conservatives, our records speak for themselves, and we are proud to go to Canadians to seek a second mandate so we can continue what we’re doing,” said Hussen.

Reactions show it will take more than that to ensure another term for Justin Trudeau’s liberal government.

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