Canada re-opens lottery immigration system for parents and grandparents

by Marieton Pacheco, ABS-CBN News

Canada re-opens its lottery style immigration system for those wanting to sponsor their parents and grandparents to the country.

It’s the latest development in the country’s changing immigration policy.


It’s another shot at family reunification for those wanting to sponsor parents or grandparents to Canada.

But while other countries base their sponsorship process on strictly defined criteria, Canada’s primary qualification is luck.

It starts with submitting an online interest form to confirm one’s intent and eligibility to sponsor.

New questions have been added this year, specifically on income qualifications.

The government then chooses 10,000 individuals to submit complete applications for sponsorship.

This despite many criticisms calling the lottery system unfair.

But Philippine Consul General Neil Ferrer believes more kababayans will still be entering Canada given the new immigration targets this year.


“In 2016 census the Philippines has been the number one source country of migrants to Canada. For the past 5 years there were about 1.2m migrants to Canada, almost 190k came from the Philippines,” said Ferrer. “We see that number to continue in the coming years and we really expect more Filipinos to come to Canada esp now that the government has increased the number of immigrants to the country.”

Late last year, Canada released its multi-level immigration target, where a total of 310,000 new permanent residents will be accepted this year.

The numbers are expected to increase all the way to 34,000 new immigrants in 2020.

“This will sure encourage more kababayans to either sponsor their families or to get more workers from the Philippines. There are many streams, this can be taken very positively esp in the context of other countries closing their borders to migration. Canada is very welcoming.”

An estimated 837,000 Filipinos are in Canada today.

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