Canada matching donations for typhoon aid

By Marieton Pacheco, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Nov. 14, 2103

Days after typhoon Yolanda’s aftermath the world knew the Philippines needed all the help it could get to recover from the tragedy.

After promising to send $5 million in aid the government of Canada also set up the Philippine Crisis Fund to increase help for typhoon victims.

“Canada will provide $5 million to support,” Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver said. “Canada will also set up Philippine Crisis Matching Fund to increase needs of the victims. The government will match up to $100,000 each from individuals, from Nov. 8 to Dec.9.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper called President Aquino to extend his sympathies. He also met with Philippine Ambassador Leslie Gatan to send his condolences to families affected by the typhoon.

Canada’s disaster assistance response team has also left for the Philippine to help in relief operations. Harper says they will continue to help and monitor the situation in the Philippines.

“Rest assured Mr. Ambassador we will continue to do what we can to assist, keeping in touch with officials regularly to make sure our program of assistance are rolling out,” Prime Minister Harper said. “You’re very much in our thoughts and prayers. Rest assured, we’ll be there to assist you.”

Kababayans meantime have started various fundraising efforts across the country.

This telethon at the multicultural helping house in Vancouver raised almost $26,000 in one night alone.

More fundraising events are scheduled in the coming days.

“They’re doing the calling of their friends, acquaintances, and other friends of the Filipino community so we can reach out to them so they can give to us the help we badly need for the Philippines,” Carmelita Tapia said.

Pinoys in Canada say they will continue asking for help, especially with government matching every dollar raised for typhoon Yolanda victims.

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