Canada Day marked with celebrations and protests

In Vancouver, a group of Canadians gathered at the Trump Tower, in protest of the US president’s anti-immigration policies.

Opposition critic for migration, Jenny Kwan from Vancouver East, led the protest, calling for Canada to make a clearer stand on keeping families together and say migration is not illegal.

She also pushed for Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to suspend the safe third country agreement immediately.

This happened as the whole country also celebrated Canada’s birthday and its wonderful diversity over the weekend.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    3 July 2018 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    Jenny Kwan is “babbling” in Canada like her butt is hurting? For what? President Trump’s immigration policy? She should be ashamed of herself to be protesting like a mad dog and should just focus on Canada. If Canada indeed have a perfect immigration policy, then why is it that Canada failed to detect Amed Ressam (aka Benni Norris) who just fled and being chased by the French government. It is instructional to note that Benni Norris resided in Canada, and later became the millenium bomber, who was caught at Port Angeles in Washington. I challenged Kwan if she even know that Norris drove a 300 M car? People like Kwan likes to criticize Trump when she does not really know much about Canada’s little dirt pile?