Can Biden and Harris unite a divided America?

With widening rifts along political, social and economic lines, do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have what it takes to bring our country together? Our panel of Fil-Am Democratic leaders weighs in.

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  • Mario
    22 August 2020 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    DNC convention is over after the 2016 DNC convention HC was leading by 15-35 points. DNC said the election is over after the DNC convention shows, Biden is leading by 5-9pts but some Polls shows Trump is leading by 2 pts, Clinton was OUT campaigning Statewide, very smart on the spot interview yet TRUMP won. Biden first on the spot interview said he will shut-down the Country again, no good answer, it will paralyze the economy. RNC strategy will be, more on POLICY, not HATED, which is economic growth, 3yrs TRUMP accomplishment. Speakers are zeroed to Black, Women’s, Millennials, Hispanic, Asian speakers. Attack on HUNTER BIDEN corruption, attack on China and Russia, Border wall, Sanctuary City, Crime, BLM-Antifa looting, riots mostly from Radical Democrat control States and cities. DEMS only hope is PELOSI to push on Mail-IN Ballot, the $25B USPS and $3.5B should be passed. BUT TRUMP said he will VETO it and renovation of USPS will be after the election, NO CHANGES on USPS policy meaning GO OUT and VOTE, No more MAIL-IN Ballots (sorry China). Obama failed economic Policy, $150B gift to IRAN, Immigration-America First Policy, the return of manufacturing jobs and many more..