“Calm and competent”: Fil-Am Democrats praise Biden’s town hall performance

Filipino American Democrats say they  were happy with Vice President Joe Biden’s town hall performance as he showed the leadership qualities they hope to see from the next president. The details from Don Tagala.

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  • Mario
    17 October 2020 at 12:52 pm - Reply

    LATEST POLLS: In September 661K new jobs added, Trump, matches Obama’s unemployment rate of 7.9% when he was re-elected…40% of the DEMS were very HAPPY when TRUMP was DOWN with COVID. DEMS residence from NY, NJ, Maryland, Chicago, CA. are moving to TEXAS. DEMS Media never talks about OHIO and TEXAS anymore.OBAMA campaign for Clinton, today TRUMP, very happy to hear OBAMA is coming down, yet never endorse Biden during the PRIMARY. TRUMP said was elected as POTUS because of the FAILED OBAMA-BIDEN policy. TRUMP stole 6 CRUCIAL swing STATE from OBAMA,(1) Florida-TAKEN as RED (GOP. (2)OHIO turn RED again, Trump return of manufacturing. (3)PENNSYLVANIA-now competing chances it will turn RED, BOILER Union will support Trump because BOILER uses COAL. PENN produces Nat. Gas, thru FRACKING. (4)IOWA- Trump campaign on Des Moines, will remain RED except for Senate GOP candidate. (5)MICHIGAN-Trump now campaigning, CAR manufacturing back to MI.(6)WISCONSIN-Trump campaigning,return of Steel Plant.TRUMP 2-3 Rally every day, to win, LATINO country (ARIZONA, NEVADA,New Mexico, Colorado)and MINNESOTA(Muslim,-OMAR will lose.).