“Call Her Ganda,” the story of Jennifer Laude, is a finalist at Tribeca Film Festival

NEW YORK — After making its world premiere at the 17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, the film “Call Her Ganda” is also a finalist for Best Documentary Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival Awards.

Written and directed by Fil-Am filmmaker PJ Raval, the documentary follows the case of Jennifer Laude, a transgender Pinay sex worker killed by US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton in a motel room in 2014.

“When I heard about this crime, one of the things that struck me was the reaction of so many different people and so many different communities, it’s not only the trans activist community but it was LGBT rights groups you know, women’s rights groups, anti-US imperialist groups.”

Raval says the efforts of these communities not only shined a spotlight on this issue, but helped rally for justice for the 26-year-old Laude.

Call Her Ganda is also a story about the women who fought hard in their search for justice for Jennifer Laude.

Jennifer’s mother, Julita Laude, has been vocal about her disappointment of the Philippine government’s inability to detain Pemberton in a Philippine jail and place him on trial as a murder suspect.

Trans-activist and journalist Meredith Talusan is part of the documentary. She’s the executive editor of Conde Nast’s new LGBTQ publication “Them,” and she continues to cover this case with the intention of presenting information without any bias against Jennifer’s trans history or sex worker past.

“Following her would almost parallel my own investigation. She has such a unique perspective and such an amazing talent in terms of being a writer and a journalist, that I just knew that following her she’d make an amazing narrator to the film,” said Raval.

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