“Call Her Ganda” documentary sheds light on transgender experiences

NEW YORK — “Call Her Ganda” is a documentary about the brutal killing of 19-year-old Filipina sex worker, Jennifer Laude, after a US Marine discovered that she was a transgender woman.

This week, PJ Raval’s documentary is reaching a bigger audience with its US theatrical release, initially in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

“I’m incredibly excited that the film is being theatrically released in the US, largely because I think movie theaters are one of the last areas where as an audience member you have a collective experience…it’s incredibly powerful, and I’m really excited we’ll be screening the film nationwide.”

Raval not only chronicles the legal and political side of Laude’s story, “Call Her Ganda” also shines a spotlight on the hate, prejudice and violence trans-women experience navigating their everyday lives.

Raval says the documentary also shows how Filipino LGBTQ+ activist groups came together to seek justice for Laude – and they got it. Pemberton was found guilty of homicide — convicted and sentenced to 6 to 12 years in jail.

Plans are underway to screen “Call Her Ganda” on Capitol Hill for legislators to see.

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