California voters take part in early voting ahead of Super Tuesday

LOS ANGELES — From casting their ballots by mail or through the new voting machines in Los Angeles, California voters can already take part in early voting — with Super Tuesday just around the corner.

First-time voter Darius Estigoy said he was not only excited to see his presidential bet but to also cast his vote early.

“It’s weird because you don’t expect it to matter so much but it actually feels like you’re making a massive difference.”

He was among hundreds of supporters who attended Senator Bernie Sanders’ rally this past week.

Several polls have shown the Vermont senator as one of the favorites to win California, which has 415 delegate votes up for grabs.

And Sanders isn’t the only presidential candidate to hit the Golden State recently.

Former Mayors Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg, as well as President Donald Trump, have made recent trips to California for rallies and fundraisers.

For former state Senate candidate turned podcast host Jestin Samson, he’s hoping to do more than vote. The Sanders supporter is hoping to become a delegate again.

“Being a delegate in 2016 really opened my eyes to see the things wrong with Democratic Party nationally and how we all need to get involved and how we need to put more progressives in the DNC in the county central committees in the state parties and how we need to basically rebuild the party from the ground up.

With several candidates already making their presence felt in the Golden State, it’s now the voters turn to make their voices heard at the ballots from now until March 3rd.

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  • Mario
    29 February 2020 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    IMPEACHMENT BACKFIRE, brought down BIDEN, TRUMP poll rating, highest ever for Re-electionist President. SANDER became #1, Dems panic, Bloomberg came in DEMS don’t want Socialist/Communist to be the nominee. Bloomberg hires a professional Cheater Hillary Clinton to rig the DNC Brokered Convention. This means SANDERS will be thrown out again. Clinton will be the VP and DE FACTO President if they win. SANDERS has bigger followers if he will be thrown out he might form a 3rd Party. SANDERS; voters not ready for Socialism. BIDEN, run moderate, thinking of running for Senator, destroyed by Bloomberg TV ADS being corrupt. Warren; POCAHONTAS run as socialist; Green New Deal cost 91 Trillion in 10 years, increase Taxes up to 40%. Mayor PETE, run as moderate, CONVERTIBLE AC-DC, son of a Marxist. The ME Moslems will be laughing on USA having a BADING, DING President. Bloomberg ready to spend 2-3Billion, already spend 500M still can not beat Sanders. STEYER spend 210M, Korbacher running moderate English is not the language of USA, EASY victory for TRUMP.