California nurses continue to strike after unsuccessful contract negotiations

This was the scene outside Alameda and San Leandro hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Nurses from these hospitals picketed outside to air grievances after what they are calling five months of unsuccessful contract negotiations.

“We want the management to bargain in good faith and we don’t want them to put the budget on our backs, the nurses’ backs and the patients’ backs. There’s a lot of Filipino nurses who work here in San Leandro Hospital, maybe 70-80 percent,” said nurse Stella Ashley.

The California Nurses Association is drawing attention to staffing issues that they say could affect patient safety.

The union also says that Alameda Health System is trying to make changes in the way nurses take breaks, take educational development courses, and adjust health care benefits.

A written statement from Alameda Health System spokesman Terry Lightfoot said, “We are confident that the bargaining process will result in an agreement that provides nurses at Alameda and San Leandro hospitals with competitive salaries and benefits, and ensures our ability to meet the needs of those we serve in a sustainable manner.”

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