California Nurses Association on Senate healthcare bill: “not better care, it is no care’

The Filipino-American co-president of the California Nurses Association — which has more than 86,000 members in hospitals, clinics and home health agencies in all 50 states — has slammed the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act.

“[The act] is not better care – it is ‘no care’ for those who are sicker, and low income people,” said Zenei Cortez, co-president.

In a statement sent to BA, Cortez said the Better Care Reconciliation Act is not better care.

She said the act will reduce eligibility and cut benefits for the underserved, including fellow kababayans who have lived here and are starting their new lives in America.

Cortez stressed that passing the bill is inhumane, and will be devastating to millions and millions of people.


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  • Juan
    22 June 2017 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    The GOP Senate called it Better Care Reconcillation Act, it still long way to go, expect long debate at the Senate floor and maybe it will take effect next year.Before you complain wait until it is fully implemented, maybe next year. Etong California Nurses Association ay sinongaling (liar), fake news ang sinasabi,, hindi pa implemented at hindi pa ipina publish ang Better healthcare bill, meron nang reklamo. Tandaanan ninyo 1000 electoral seats ang natalo sa Democrat dahil sa kasinungaling nang Obamacare. Kung hindi kayo happy sa bagong healthcare next year, di Huwag iboto ang GOP sa Novemebr 2018.