California DMV prepares to issue immigrant licenses

The state with the largest number of Filipinos announced on Wednesday that up to 60 field offices will have expanded Saturday hours, starting Jan. 3.

That’s the day after Assembly Bill 60 takes effect.

The bill allows undocumented immigrants living in California to obtain drivers licenses if they can provide identification from their home countries.

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  • Mario
    13 November 2014 at 11:29 pm - Reply

    90% of Illegal Alien failed the DMV test in Nevada, because it is written in English. Most of the Pinoys passed the test. California translated the DMV test into 100 languages,for the illegals to own a license. Do you think it is safer for Californians to drive in their street, full of illegal who does not read English,expect more car accident to come. Having acquired a CA drivers license, illegals can vote Democrat several times, this is the real intention. CA a Democrat single party State, will never passed a Voters ID law.