California city apologizes for anti-Filipino riot  90 years later 

WATSONVILLE, Caif. — The Watsonville City Council recently passed a resolution formally apologizing for the way its residents treated Filipinos during the Watsonville Riots of 1930.

The five-day riot stemmed from rising tensions between White farm workers and the Filipino immigrants whom they claimed were stealing their jobs and women.

Filipino Fermin Tobera, 22, was shot dead while rioters opened fire on a bunkhouse where the Filipino farmers lived.

To help bring the story and struggles of these Filipino workers to light, the Watsonville is in the Heart Project was exhibited at the city’s public library.

Organizers have also been collecting pictures and stories of many long time Filipino families in Watsonville.

 They eventually hope to create landmarks honoring the Filipinos who worked in the fields of this California central coast city.

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