California becomes first state to help undocumented immigrants amid coronavirus pandemic

California believes that regardless of your immigration status, there are people in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the Golden State will be the first in the nation to provide financial assistance to undocumented immigrants affected by the crisis.

“This is a state that steps up, always, to support those in need, regardless of status. 10% of California’s workforce is undocumented, 10%, in an overrepresentation of that workforce is undocumented in the areas that are so essential to meeting the needs of tens of millions of Californians today.”

To help 150,000 undocumented workers, California’s $125 million disaster relief fund will give a one-time cash aid of $500 to individuals with a $1,000 cap per household.

$75 million of that fund will come from the state —  while an additional $50 million will come from various nonprofit groups and corporations.

But that emergency relief fund will only be enough to assist about 150,000 individuals, a fraction of the state’s more than 1.5 million undocumented workers.

Still — one of the country’s most outspoken undocumented immigrants, Jose Antonio Vargas, welcomed California’s efforts — especially since undocumented workers were left out of the Trump administration’s historic $2 trillion federal stimulus package.

“Whether or not we want to admit it, undocumented workers actually contribute and are a part of many many industries. So like everybody else, they too deserve relief.”

Vargas hopes California’s aid to undocumented immigrants would inspire other states to do their part.

“I really hope other states like New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, all across the country. I hope they all follow suit. I’ve been traveling around the country nonstop for eight and a half years now because of Define American and I meet undocumented Filipinos across the country all the time and I know that they too, need relief wherever they are.

The money will be distributed through regional nonprofit groups with experience serving undocumented immigrants and people can apply for aid starting next month.

While critics have slammed the aid, saying money could instead be used for food banks or education, Vargas believes this will be a big help — especially for those in the most dire situations.

“Maraming salamat to Governor Newsom for showing what real leadership actually looks like at a time like this.”

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  • Mario
    16 April 2020 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    A good gesture, but Californian First, they can deliver votes, an illegal alien can not.$125 Million relief funds would have been more than enough to take care of the relocations of homeless people. Expect more illegal aliens will reside in California and steal the jobs of Californians and also will bring down the minimum wages. TRUMP stimulus is $1200 per head and $500 per child. There is a FREEDOM OF CHOICE if you QUIT your job. File an unemployment pay of $600 in 13 weeks, but you lose your job. Another choice is to remain in your job, it is job security. The majority chooses Un-employment, you rec’d $15/hr in 6 weeks if you earn $10/hr you have to decide. There are 18 Million already filed a Stimulus Un-employment, workers has confidence in TRUMP as JOB creator, as proven on his record.LOWEST un-employment in US history, he can do it again. Remember 95% of the Company is intact, because of COVID-19 they lost their worker. Once it is over, the economy will take off.