CA Rep. Adam Schiff addresses Filipino caregivers on the frontlines

LOS ANGELES — During the Pilipino Workers Center’s latest bi-weekly townhall, U.S. Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff took the time to address Filipino caregivers — who have been working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Schiff represents Burbank, Glendale, and Los Angeles, where large Filipino communities live and work in.

“I just so admire what the community is doing right now and the courage members of the community are showing. These skilled nursing facilities are really dangerous places right now.”

Schiff, along with our House Democrats, unveiled on Tuesday a $3 trillion pandemic relief measure, which aims to provide aid to struggling states, as well as another round of direct payments to individuals and families.

“I’m urging that we go big in this bill that we guarantee payroll and paychecks for all Americans until we get through this, making sure we can put bread on the table and people can shelter where it’s safe to shelter and not prematurely go back to the workplace and risk their lives.”

This past weekend, Los Angeles county had begun slowly reopening select retailers for curbside services while opening parks.

While full reopening is projected to still be months away, Schiff believes, the phased openings would buy time for research, stockpiling protective equipment, and would further help the economy bounce back.

“Many states are doing as they should which is following the advice of the healthcare experts they’re not rushing to reopen to satisfy some kind of political agenda and if you look at the pandemic, last time we had a pandemic a hundred years ago, those cities that maintained social distancing the longest recovered the fastest.”

And as lawmakers look to aid frontliners, the Pilipino Workers Center continues to pledge support for the community through their various programs such as their care boxes, and financial aid.

They also honored Filipino health workers who lost their lives on the frontlines of the pandemic, such as caregivers Elly Cabungcal and Anthony Navara.

“I just want to remember Tito Elly specifically who was a very very active volunteer of PWC and a member of our family, Phonebanker reaching out to our community to remind them to have their voices heard in the elections. He was always the king of games, getting people to interact with each other — community builder,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza, Pilipino Workers Center.

They also remembered Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital nurse Celia Marcos, who worked in Schiff’s district.

She died from the virus after trying to save a COVID-19 patient with only a surgical mask on.

“It’s a total heartbreak for the whole community.”

Schiff and other House members are expected to vote on the new stimulus bill on Friday.

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