CA nurses rally for University of California to address patient safety

These nurses are doing everything they can to bring attention to what they call the refusal of University of California medical centers to address patient care and safety concerns.

The demonstrations were led by the California Nurses Association, which represents 14,000 registered nurses.

While this was the scene outside UC San Francisco, it was all part of major demonstrations throughout California at similar UC centers from Sacramento to San Diego.

The nurses says that all they want is safety for their patients and themselves.


“If you need to go with a nurse if you’re on critical drips or if you’re unstable and this is a huge medical center as are many of the other medical centers in the UC system, and we need 24/7 and UC is saying no,” said RN Maureen Dugan.

The nurses have also been in contract talks with UC for eight months.

“What we’re requesting is already state law with workplace violence, with mandated nurse to patient safety ratios. Our pension, we’re already paying 1% more to maintain the pension benefits we have,” said Randy Howell.

The UC system responded by saying the university believes “its proposal reflects the skills, contributions and dedication of its nurses. We hope to come to an agreement with CNA as soon as possible to continue delivering excellent care and services to our patients.”

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