CA medical board suspends former USC gynecologist accused of sexual abuse

LOS ANGELES — It was a small victory for the alleged victims of former University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall.

The state medical board has issued an interim suspension on the license of Tyndall, who had been accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of female patients.

Tyndall decided to forego a hearing later this week and agreed to the interim suspension.

“We’re very happy about the interim suspension of Doctor Tyndall’s medical license. The suspension means Tyndall may no longer practice medicine, treat patients or hold himself out as a medical doctor,” says Atty. Gloria Allred. “It means that the public is protected from him and women are no longer at risk of harm from him.”

Testimonies from students, including Fil-Am Daniella Mohazab, were given to the attorney general’s office.

Mohazab was among one of the first women to file a civil lawsuit against Tyndall, who worked as the school gynecologist for over 3 decades.

“Ever since our appointment, I haven’t viewed you as a doctor — but now the world knows that you are not. The past few weeks I’ve continued to hurt this has not be an easy process but our work is paying off, we are winning justice.”

As of now the suspension is temporary, and Allred is unsure if authorities will attempt to fully revoke Tyndall’s medical license.

The scandal, which also accuses the school of covering up complaints against Tyndall, has resulted in major fallout.

Earlier this month president CL Max Nakias officially resigned, and the search for his replacement is underway.

Earlier this week, Doctor William A. Leavitt, Tyndall’s former supervisor filed a defamation suit against USC, whom he says turned him into a scapegoat in the wake of the scandal.

The lawsuits are continuing to mount up, as authorities continue investigating Tyndall, despite the suspension he has yet to be criminally charged.

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