CA man sentenced to life in prison for attempted sex with Filipino minors

SACRAMENTO, CA — A pilot was sentenced to life in prison after traveling to the Philippines to have sex with minors.

Four months ago, 57-year old Michael Clemans was found guilty of trying to have sex with Filipino girls as young as seven years old, and on Tuesday, he received a life sentence for his crimes.

His crimes included “salacious” chats he exchanged with a Filipina woman to try to “arrange sex with underage girls.”

Clemans wrote, “I want to be able to get my photos and arrange sex with underage girls…I do not want you or me to get into trouble…So we have to very very careful.”

In another message, he wrote, “that is the reason I mentioned orphanages or runaways…or abandoned girls from the typhoons…I am looking for girls that are homeless that will not argue and will have no obligation but to have sex.”

He also paid the woman he was chatting with in the Philippines $6,000 to take nude photos of the kids he was interested in having sex with.

More than 27,000 pornographic images of children were found on his computer at his parents’ house in Sacramento.

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