CA imposes new, stricter gun laws

DALY CITY, CA — Carl Reyes says he’s a law-abiding gun owner who isn’t surprised that California has come out this year with more rules regarding guns.

While there are some rules he agrees with, there are some he considers a hassle.


Criminal offenders in the Golden State must give up their firearms upon conviction.


Anyone charged with felonies or misdemeanors involving violence, domestic abuse or illegal weapon use must provide proof that they sold or transferred their weapons within a specified time.


Another new rule says that online ammunition purchases will need to be shipped to a licensed vendor for pick up rather than having ammo sent directly to home.


“The people that are licensed to sell ammunition are going to be able put another surcharge or an extra charge to buying ammunition now,” says Reyes. “The people that shoot guns on the regular that’s who it’s hurting more. Not selling to convicted felons, that’s a good rule.”


A rule that prohibits having large capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds is currently subject to litigation — which means these types of magazines still face the possibility of being banned under the law.

Reyes understands that advocates of this rule say that every second counts in a firefight or mass shooting; however, he doesn’t think it makes a big difference.

“Yes, it’s less ammunition to reload or he has to reload in a short amount of time, but I think the amount of damage he could do is the same as 10 rounds to 20 rounds.”


Scheduled for July 1st, 2019, ammo vendors must record, maintain, and submit ammo sale records to the department of justice.


Reyes believes that this law can help prevent another Las Vegas type mass shooting.

“If the ammunition law was in effect before that incident happened, I think he wouldn’t have so much arsenal at his disposal.”

Overall, Reyes says the gun control debate is far from over however he is willing to comply to ensure the safety of others.


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