CA farm labor movement leader Larry Itliong recognized with a paid holiday in Carson

CARSON, CA — One of California’s most Filipino populated cities has once again made a move to honor a Filipino hero, this time with a paid vacation day.

City employees in Carson ae now closer to getting paid to remember a Filipino american hero.


“He is deserving of full recognition and respect like the other individuals that have fought and sacrificed for the betterment of all of society, for all of us, and it is a small gesture on our part to acknowledge their contribution,” says Carson Mayor Albert Robles.


The City Council voted to make labor leader Larry Itliong’s birthday, October 25th, a paid city holiday.

Since 2010, the city has commemorated Itliong’s birthday as part of its annual Filipino American history month celebrations.

“We’ll be the first one in the country to honor Larry Itliong and for all the hard work he contributed and his group to the farm worker union, so I think its very very important the city of Carson has always been involved with Itliong,” says Commissioner Alex Cainglet.

Filipino community members, as well as labor leaders, welcomed the move to honor Itliong who’s leadership has affected the modern day workforce.


However, a few residents did oppose the holiday.

While a  pair of council members abstained from voting, hoping to see the fiscal impact, while wanting other heroes to also have city recognition.


The resolution will now be studied for its affect on costs and productivity, while city leaders will also look for ways to honor other heroes.


While neighboring cities like Long Beach are also honoring October 25th as Larry Itliong day, Carson has gone beyond the rest of the country, hoping this latest local ordinance another leap towards the ultimate goal — a nationwide Larry Itliong Day.

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