After Feinstein vote, CA Democratic Convention shows party divisions

DALY CITY — This is video from Daly City mayor Juslyn Manalo, as she walks in to vote as a delegate during the California Democratic Convention held last weekend in San Diego, CA.

The headline of the convention had to go to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s failure to win the party’s endorsement.

California’s State Senate president pro -tempore, Kevin de Leon, is Feinstein’s challenger who nearly reached the 60 percent needed to earn the endorsement.

For Fil-Am Assemblyman Rob Bonta — who attended the California Democratic Convention — he says he was not surprised Senator Feinstein did not get the endorsement.

He’s also not counting her out yet either.

“Senator Feinstein has a lot of support throughout this state and a lot of name recognition and a long time Democratic leader. So I don’t know if what happened in San Diego reflects exactly where the voters are. There’s probably a disconnect in certain ways, but I think it was really important for us to come together and have these tough discussions.”

The lack of endorsement for Feinstein comes from a party divided over new progressive energy that helped elevate the popularity of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bonta acknowledges the shift, but still remains confident in his party.

“Our party is definitely changing. These were party delegates, party faithful who expressing their view as members of our party.”

Meanwhile, Feinstein is still predicted to win a fifth term as she leads by nearly 30 points in most polls and has millions of dollars already banked for her campaign.


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