Buyback program addresses growing issue of gun violence

SAN FRANCISCO — Fil-Am Rudy Corpuz says he’s seen and heard more than enough stories of people losing their lives to gun violence.

Whether it be watching the recent mass shootings on the news, or being shot at himself on the streets of San Francisco, Corpuz says something needs to be done.

“I just want to be real clear I’m not against the 2nd amendment, but I am against senseless gun violence. Being on both sides of the gun, I understand how serious, how devastating one gun can destroy a whole community,” he said.

For the fifth time, Corpuz and his youth anti-violence program, United Playaz, will be holding a gun buyback program in San Francisco.

Corpuz says that there is a greater need for a gun buyback, especially since there have been a recent increase of guns being stolen out of vehicles.

Last week, San Francisco police reported that a shotgun, rifle, ammunition, a kevlar vest, and a jacket were all stolen out of a San Mateo County sheriff sergeant’s unmarked car.

In September, a San Francisco sheriff’s deputy was fired after his unsecured gun was stolen from his rental car.

Past reports cite how stolen guns were used in fatal robberies, which is something Corpuz hopes to prevent.

“It might not take all the guns off but one of those guns that we could take off potentially saves somebody’s life that you love, and to me that’s all worth the while.”

The program is a collaboration with local businesses, San Francisco police, and the Mayor’s office.

Families of victims of fatal gun violence also tend to participate.

“They play a role by greeting people in the cars, so it’s very helpful because this is their way of relieving a lot of the pain and a lot of the suffering of losing a kid.”

According to SFPD,  the last gun buy back held last December took 113 weapons off the street.

The United Playaz gun buy back will be held at the United Playaz headquarters on December 16 from 8 am to 12 noon.

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