Buttigieg gains momentum leading up to New Hampshire debate and primary

Pete Buttigieg narrowly wins Iowa’s Democratic presidential caucuses.

Official results show the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana — garnered 26.2 percent share of support, edging out Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by a tenth of a percentage point.

Trailing them are Senator Elizabeth Warren, former vice president Joe Biden, and Senator Amy Klobuchar.

The caucuses are marred by reports of irregularities — prompting Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez to call for a recanvass of results.

But much of the political world has already shifted its attention to New Hampshire, where the first primary election in the Democrats’ 2020 nomination fight will be held Tuesday next week.

Democratic aspirants hit the ground running in the granite state to make their pitch to voters.

A recent poll shows Buttigieg and Sanders are expected to battle it out again for first place in the state.

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  • Mario
    8 February 2020 at 1:13 am - Reply

    Mayor PETE the Democrat computer favorite not Bernie SANDERS, the HClinton group ran the computer APPs for the Presidential primary, DNC are all Clinton people, it is Podesta or Perez it will end up to HClinton for President or VP. Smart move by TRUMP, did NOT investigate HClinton because he knew Hillary very well. Trump as a businessman alway delivers campaign money for Clinton every year. He knew that as long as Hillary is active in the Dems Party, “She is always the Boss” Dems Party CAN NOT move forward. Trump knew he beat CLINTON MACHINERY ON 2016 and can beat her again.