Bubble T provides safe, upbeat place for New York’s party-going AAPI LGBTQ+ community

NEW YORK — This bubble tea party is not about the popular Taiwanese milk drink.

But it’s distinctively Asian — and it’s changing the nightlife scene for queer Asians in New York City.

Bubble T, the dance party that celebrates Asian visibility in the Big Apple, was created by Fil-Am DJ Pedro Vidallon two years ago.

“We thought that there was a space that needs to be filled, for our community within our Asian Pacific Island community, and it’s really just safe space for us to enjoy ourselves and celebrate ourselves.”

Vidallon said the Asian queer community didn’t feel represented in the gay bar scene in New York.

“There was really nothing that was specific to Asians, AAPI… so we just kinda came together, play the music that we want to listen to, like I wanna listen to Jocelyn Enriquez, and Jaya, things like that.”

And while Bubble T is a space for Asians — they also make sure everybody feels welcome.

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