Brooklyn’s Buren Café & Bar offers Pinoy and Mediterranean fusion cuisine

BROOKLYN, NY — For Lorraine Reyes and Jorgo Tore, their family business is a marriage of many sorts.

A union of their Filipino and Greek heritage, mixed with their passion for coffee and cocktail.

This is the Buren Café and Bar.

“We want to be a place wherein we can celebrate diversity of the community, for the shared love of food, coffee, art with music.”

When it comes to food, the marriage of their cultures created a unique Filipino and Mediterranean flavor profile.

“Our lumpiang shanghai right, typically we have pork inside, what we did is we have that but also we have we tried falafel, putting falafel inside to make it more Mediterranean and with the yogurt dip sauce.”

“When it comes to the spring rolls we have pork spring rolls, which is very very Filipino, but we also have falafel spring rolls — which is kind of Mediterranean and Filipinos, we mix them together.”

For the most part, the Buren offers healthier Filipino food options.

Their Filipino style barbeque comes with Mediterranean salad instead of rice.

Their silogs don’t come with garlic fried rice — how about quinoa instead?

Tore says introducing their Filipino flavors took some time.

“We tried little by little, and we see their reactions, the customer responded very very positive that’s why we changed our menu and we put much more Filipino items.”

The Buren Café and Bar is perfect marriage of cuisines and cultures – for foodies to partake and enjoy.

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