Bridging the gap for Filipinos in tech

Silicon Valley insider and Google launchpad mentor, Chris Peralta, has made it his personal mission to pave the same path for Philippine startups.

For the past two years, his company, Manila Valley, has bridged the gap between startups in the Philippines, and the ecosystem that is Silicon Valley.

“Manila Valley, there’s three pillars. The first is an acclerator program where we look for amazing technologies, fierce entrepreneurs competing in the global market. They happen to come from Philippines,” said Peralta. “Bring them here for a 3-month acclerator program to tap into the Silicon Valley ecosystem.”

“The second pillar is creating a habitat here in Silicon Valley for the Filipino entrepreneurs. And the third is we are in a position to help and do good, so we have a social entrepreneurship platform.”

“There’s a fledging tech community that’s emerging and what people don’t realize is that technopreneurship, or entrepreneurship has been taught at universities in the Philippines since 2009. We’re breeding, I believe, talent,” he continued. “September last year…a community government wanted to create 500 startups valued at 2 billion dollars by 2020. So there’s momentum starting.”

Peralta, along with friend and founder of texting app Invi, Iddo Tal, shared their advice for striving entrepreneurs.

“One is set yourself up with great support. Be part of a community, we are working in packs. Second one, make sure to get yourself into a big state and get yourself out of your comfort zone. Because I believe life starts when you leave your comfort zone.”

“It’s about being a sponge. Just listen to everybody, it’s not just Manila Valley but there’s other organizations out there, a lot of acclerators and incubators as well and figure out what is good for you.

Peralta continues to work closely with local partners in the Philippines, as well as local government offices to continue to bridge the gap for Filipinos and their Silicon Valley dreams.

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