Bretman Rock dedicates People’s Choice Award achievement to his father

Walking alongside the hottest movie stars, TV personalities, musicians and influencers at the #PeoplesChoiceAwards, influencer of the year Bretman Rock owned the red carpet.

BA caught up with the charismatic YouTuber, who currently boasts a following of 6.73 million subscribers.

Bretman rose to viral popularity several years ago with a video of him dancing and also playfully smacking his sister on the head. His followers found their brother-sister dynamic entertaining — and quickly Bretman rose to influencer stardom.

But even the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood red carpet did not overshadow what was really on Bretman’s mind and in his heart.

Days before his big recognition at the People’s Choice Awards, Bretman lost his father, who passed away in the Philippines.

Devastated, Bretman almost backed out of attending.

But instead of taking time for himself, Bretman decided to come to the awards show to celebrate his dad — and the love and acceptance he had always received from him.

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