Boxing fans unsatisfied with PacMay fight

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – It was the mega-fight these boxing fans in Jersey City, New Jersey have been waiting for but Saturday night’s Pacquiao-Mayweather mega-bout did not quite live up to the great fight they were hoping for.

“To me I felt it was a draw, said Lamar Haynes of Jersey City, NJ. “I feel like Mayweather…they let him win.”

Fans say Mayweather may have won the mega-fight but he didn’t win the crowd’s heart.

“I’m disappointed,” said Ariel Aggabao also of Jersey City. “He kept running away from Manny Pacquiao. We should have gotten a better fight, a real battle for supremacy. This guy, he’s known for defense, I give him that. He didn’t even engage Manny Pacquiao. He kept running, that’s not a heart of a champion for me.”

“Very disappointed,” said Rolando Lavarro, Council President of Jersey City. “Mayweather proved to be a better technical boxer. Tonight he definitely won the points, but Manny showed the heart.”

In Hayward, California, Filipino fans were waiting for Pacquiao’s devastating knock-out punch that never happened.

“Win or lose he made us proud and that’s what he did so although he took the loss I think he was successful,” said JR Cabauatan of South San Francisco, CA.

In Chicago, boxing fans say, the Pacman may have lost the fight but this Filipino store came out a winner on fight day profits.

“Very busy kami daily sa ‘yo, Manny Pacquiao,” said Rochelle Limjoco. “Marami kaming order: kare-kare, menudo, kaldereta, lechon – ang ating original. Congrats Manny, marami kaming order because of you!”

Back in New Jersey, boxing coach of the Jersey City Recreation Team said, Mayweather beat Pacquiao because of his excellent defensive tactics.

“Mayweather, jab jab jab, hits and leaves, hits and run, if you let him do that then it’s gonna be a tough fight,” said Luis “Mosquito” Gonzales.

While some Pinoy boxing fans are calling for a rematch, Gonzales says, it’s not likely to happen.

“There’s not gonna be a rematch, the match coming in is my kumpadre, my friend Miguel Cotto, that’s the one that’s coming,” said Gonzales.

Some fans say, a rematch may or may not happen but some boxing fans are asking themselves twice if they’re willing to pay big bucks for another game of dodge ball or real boxing.

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