By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

April 17, 2013

BOSTON—Still reeling from the shock of Monday’s horrific bombings, some residents of the City of Boston said they are bound to bounce back from the tragedy.

Hundreds of people showed up at an impromptu candle light vigil at the Boston Commons on Tuesday night to honor and remember those who were killed or injured.

Many marathon participants are still in Boston, but have been in a somber mood as officials warn locals and tourists to stay vigilant.

A Filipino nurse, who worked at a local hospital emergency room said Tuesday’s incident can be surreally unimaginable. Dozens of injured runners and spectators were admitted to their unit, many were seriously injured, others even needed amputations.

Fil-am athlete Arland Macasieb from New Jersey said, he’s lucky because he had left the area right before the explosions.

“That’s exactly where I ran when I finished the race.So had they exploded the bomb an hour earlier that could have been me actually in the line of fire of the bomb, that was pretty scary actually,” said Macasieb.

But Macasieb added that he refuses to be terrorized, and that Monday’s incident will not stop him from running another marathon

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