By Nadia Trinidad, ABS-CBN North America Bureau Chief

BOSTON– on September 11, 2001, cyclist Roland Ocampo was training on Queensboro Bridge in New York when he saw the World Trade Center crumble.
Ocampo said along with implosion of the buildings, was his sense of security within the borders of America.

On Monday, after having just crossed the finish line at the Boston marathon, he once witnessed how tragedy can do to affect one’s spirit.

“Now that I think more about the terrorist attack, you would ask, why us?” asked Ocampo.

Leica Carpo has been in this running the prestigious Boston Marathon for years. Running, she said, enables one to trust in the kindness of strangers. But now she fears that the attacks would take that kindness away.

“You always think the best of people when you’re running. People give you oranges, food, homemade brownies,” said Carpo. “You love everybody when you’re running.”

President Obama is scheduled to travel to Boston on Thursday for a memorial service honoring the victims, while investigators said they plan to reconstruct the pressure cooker bombs, reportedly hidden in backpacks.

Though the two Filipino athletes who lived through the attacks were shaken, they said quitting is out of the question.

Ocampo will run another race next month in new jersey, his fourth this year, while Carpo said she will keep training to qualify for Boston once again.

“If I die running, then I die doing what I love to do,” said Ocampo.

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