Boosting the Filipino community vote and political participation

by Mary Estacion, ABS-CBN News

Part of the political process is voting. The Filipino voting rate was 50% in the last presidential election, compared to the Caucasian population rate of 65%.

Among Asians, 62% of eligible Indian and Japanese voters cast votes.

That apathy in voting has trickled down to lack of interest holding an elected office. There are currently 18 Asians and Pacific Islanders in Congress, but only one of them claims Filipino ancestry. Why the numbers are so unimpressive may have something to do with how well Filipinos have assimilated into the fabric of this country.

Fil-Ams boast unemployment numbers, comparable to Caucasians at 4.8% and a 5% poverty rate, that’s considerably lower than Caucasian families. They may simply not feel the need to vote.

But being apathetic about politics isn’t limited to being absent at the polls.

“We live in a country where we have the right to voice our opinion, to have an opinion and to put it out there… and so if we’re going to be Americans, then let’s act like Americans, and express ourselves and be a part of this political process,” says University of Maryland Professor Gem Daus.

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  • Mario
    2 November 2018 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    Dems never mention or campaign about jobs, economy, immigration, border wall, caravan DEM only campaign healthcare OBAMACARE issue and Global warming. GOP can easily counter this because GOP campaign for pre existing condition issues. Asian American by nature are forgiving and part of our culture is GRATITUDE. Asians always look back who gave them Jobs, financial security is their main concern. Trump created 4.7 Million Jobs in 19 months, first time in US history most American are working. ASIAN, BLACK, HISPANIC American reaches the lowest UN-employment in US history. First time in US history, individual who NEVER finished High School has the highest record of having a jobs. Former welfare recipients get jobs.. Look at their pay check there are deductions on Soc Sec and Medicare, it means because of jobs created SocSecurity/Medicare is well funded. If Dems wins TAXES will go up, resulted for Employer reducing jobs for their worker, Medicare money savings will be taken out for social services as seen during the past Adminstration. Go out and Vote