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It’s a big day for Mango Tours, the travel agency known for providing some of the best travel deals to the Philippines and beyond. In San Mateo, CA, the company opened its newest office and held a grand opening event to celebrate the occasion.

“Well you know what we had been in the flood building downtown San Francisco for 39 years. But the thing was we were growing. We had a lot of people crammed like sardines. Luckily we found one here in San Mateo,” said Jappy Francisco. “That’s comfortable for us, and at the same time easy for the airline, and a majority of them are in Burlingame.”

They offer numerous popular destinations for traveling to the Philippines and elsewhere, including Palawan, Boracay, and Batangas.

“People are getting more savvy when it comes to research. People have their normal site that they go to like us. They research other sites to compare. We always urge our customers to compare.”

Not only are there Mango Tour employees at today’s grand opening, but also representatives from various airlines and tourism agencies catering to Fil-Am customers.

Come June 1, qualified passport holders will also be able to visit Taiwan without a Visa.

“Because of visa-free, we have this policy [we] first opened to Taiwan and Brunei. And it got a huge impact of new visitors visiting Taiwan.”

“All the airlines get to see each other and mingle. It’s just a good event where we can keep it social and at the same time show off our new office location,” said Francisco.

“They [Mango Tours] are very supportive agents to China Airlines. Brand new A350 to service this route, San Francisco to Taiwan and going to beyond Asia. Especially to Manila, we have 82 flights connected to Taipei to Manila.”

Of course, the new San Mateo office is just one of the several offices and branches Mango Tours currently has in the California Bay Area and beyond. Their expansion represents the growing interest from Fil-Ams by visit, not only to the Philippines, but other popular Asian destinations.

Until next time, enjoy your travels.


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