Boodle fight-style dining tradition takes off in Florida

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – It’s the latest trend in communal eating, Pinoy kamayan style in North Miami Beach, Fla.

Restaurant owner Darren Mendoza says it is inspired by the Philippine military academy’s tradition of the boodle fight.

“Survival yeah, you have to actually get your portion of the food because in the military the food is of course limited and you really have to get as much as they can,” said Mendoza.

The mound of food includes Pinoy fried chicken, kare-kare, sinigang, fired shrimp, grilled fish, deep fried pork belly, egg rolls, tilapia, grilled eggplants with bagoong, salted duck eggs, ensalada among many others.

It has become a favorite for many Pinoys including some of their local Pinoy celebrities in the Miami area.

When you miss the Philippines all I do is eat this,” said Rey Lazar, ex-PBA player of the Tandaay Rhum Makers. “You then feel like you’re back in the Philippines.”

“I go here all the time,” said Nico Evangelista, a golf prodigy. “I’m just really homesick.”

“I’ve brought some of my colleagues, some of my employees, some of the friends who are non-Filipinos here. First impression [is] — hmm what’s that? But as we continued eating and it end with it getting better as they night oh this is good,” said Red Sternberg a former child actor.

Mendoza also teaches the proper way to eat with your hands.

“The proper way of eating by hand is to grab the food like that and this thumb, you have to push it in,” said Medoza.

The Pinoy boodle fight has been getting a lot of attention from local food writers and bloggers.

“I’m just happy I introduced the boodle fight here in America,” said Mendoza. “To me, growing up in Manila, this is the type of food you really miss.”

Mendoza says the feast can be customized with anything on their menu including a vegetarian version also available for vegans.

You can contact Don Tagala at and follow him on Twitter @dontagla for more information.

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  • Tin
    20 June 2015 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    Hi! What is the exact address of this reataurant? We want to go and eat here!