Bomb cyclone winter storm hits the Northeast

SUMMIT, NJ — A day after a vicious winter storm battered the northeast on Thursday, causing five deaths and knocking out power to thousands of customers, residents are now dealing with the deep freeze. Temperature started plunging today.

But these Pinoys didn’t miss work.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency in four counties on Thursday, prompting all state offices to close.

Today, officials from North Carolina to Maine are warning everyone that snow clean up would be slower than usual because of icy conditions.

Many schools closed again today and flights in and out of the region have also been affected.

This massive storm system is what forecasters have called a bomb cyclone. They say the barometric pressure dropped rapidly and it brought high winds and fast and heavy snowfall.

And don’t let this sunny weather fool you, the temperature out here is in the single digits, and the weather forecast say it will only get worse in the coming days — making turning this pile of snow into ice.

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