Bloody weekend in Chicago causes Filipinos to express concerns over increased gun violence

CHICAGO, IL —  “A tragic 24 hours for our country” – this was how the Chicago Police Department described the tragic situation — not just in city, but in the rest of the nation.

In Chicago alone, seven people were killed, and 46 sustained injuries from various shooting-related incidents.

Two happened in the west side of Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood.

On early Sunday morning, a 33-year-old male had just gotten off work and was hanging out with seven of his friends when three cars pulled up and started shooting towards their direction. The man died at the scene. The seven others were injured.

Prior to this incident, around 1:20 am, another incident reported close to a playground. Victims were standing at a park when someone in a ehicle pulled up and started shooting. Four men and three women were shot between 19 and 25 yrs old. They were taken to the closest hospital — Mount Sinai. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a statement of solidarity on Twitter, saying: “We’re running out of words, and instead need strong action in every community, at every level of government.”

Filipino Illinois residents reacted to the violence.

Lita Yusi said that legislators need to act fast because being vigilant sometimes is no longer enough. 

“What’s going on in the world? It’s just shooting everywhere? Try to be very careful. Sometimes even if you do, because of the random shooting, you don’t know who’s gonna be the target or maybe you’re one of them.” 

These young Pinoys are in their last month of internship in Illinois and they said it’s been extremely scary living in one of America’s most dangerous cities.

Shempre nakakatakot po since first time namin dito sa Amerikatapos dito pa kami sa Illinois napuntaSino’ng hindi matatakot kung marinig mo sabalita na sa pinag-s-stay-an mong state ay may massive shooutout sa ganitong city. Yung parents din namin nangangamba kung okay lang namankami dito.” 

Sama sama kamipupunta lang kami sa madaming tao, tourist spots. Nakikinig kami ng balitakung anong nangyayari sa paligid namin para knowledgeable naman kami at the same time, masyado kami maingat sa sarili namin.” 

Area Central detectives have been actively investigating all of the shootings specifically the ones that happened this weekend. 

Authorities in Chicago say the incidents in Chicago have no known connection to the El Paso or Dayton mass shootings.

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