Blame game between GOP and Dems continues as Congress deadline passes

Republicans and Democrats continue to be divided over an immigration legislation that has found its way into the government funding debate.


President Donald Trump canceled his planned trip today to his club Mar-a-Lago in Florida, with a government shutdown likely to happen.

The House passed a spending bill Thursday night, but has hit a road bump in the Senate.

With lawmakers still at odds over providing lasting relief to hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants, who have benefited from the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Democrats of aiming to hold the entire country hostage until an immigration bill is passed, that he said they haven’t even written yet.


“This is completely unfair and uncompassionate for my Democratic colleagues to filibuster government funding, harm our troops and jeopardize health coverage for nine million children, because extreme elements of their base want illegal immigration to crowd out every other priority.”


But Senate Democratic whip Dick Durbin said on the Senate floor that there was more to the issue.


“He glories in saying that this is all about illegal immigrants — ‘illegal immigrants’. Let’s be honest what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about those who were protected and allowed to live in the United States — legally — under an executive order of President Obama until September 5th of last year, when President Donald Trump announced he was eliminating this program.”

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that more Americans are more likely to blame President Trump and the Republicans in Congress if a government shutdown really happens.

48 percent in the national survey said they’d blame Trump and the GOP compared to only 28 percent who said the Democrats are at fault.


Joining BA now via Skype from San Francisco is political expert -Professor Jay Gonzalez of Golden Gate University.

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  • Mario
    20 January 2018 at 1:23 am - Reply

    Trump will not give-in on DACA amnesty,resulted to Democrat shutting down the Government. DACA actual count is 4M not 800K.(source; USA Today) Trump knew if he will give in on DACA amnesty there will be NO-GOP Prez for the next 100 yrs, after Trump 8 yrs in office….HOW… 2018 amnesty, after 6mos, DACA are Green card holder,count 5 yrs(2023) they can become US citizen,allowed to vote. 2024 last year for Trump. 80% former DACA, immigrant normally vote Democrat, they are afraid of losing Welfare benefits.By 2024 the next President will be a Democrat and will legalized all remaining illegal alien so that they stay in power for the next 100 years.Trump rather deport all DACA and illegal alien and give their jobs to African American, US-Latino, US-Asian citizen.(AMERICA FIRST) source-8yrs Trump; watch youtube: “Trump prophecy 2007” Trump will also end, chain migration and lottery visa.You understand now why Democrat fight tooth and nail on DACA amnesty,to bankcrupt America and destroy Trump booming economy.More welfare more Democrat voters.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    23 January 2018 at 1:14 am - Reply

    When we are using left wing or far left sources (e.g. ABC News or Washington Post) the likelihood of unreasonably blaming the President for anything is pretty high. So, any law abiding Americans in their right and sober minds would blame the Democrats, who obviously promised support to these illegal immigrants-sneak in by their anarchist-parents into the U.S.