Bipartisan group of lawmakers meet to address Trump’s border deal

A bipartisan group of seventeen lawmakers from both houses of Congress had their first meeting on Wednesday.

They are tasked to come up with a deal by February 15th to fund the government to avoid another shutdown and address border security,

But not without a warning from President Trump ahead of the meeting.

In an early morning tweet, the president said the if the committee is not discussing or contemplating a wall or physical barrier, then they are wasting their time. President Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency or resume the shutdown if he doesn’t get his wall funding.

But congressional leaders are optimistic the committee could come up with a compromise.

Although the deadline to come up with a deal to avoid another shutdown is not until February 15th, the real deadline is February 10th, to give the House and Senate enough time to pass it.

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  • Mario
    31 January 2019 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    The Democrat wanted invisible wall, all electronics, drones, sensors,etc. and more border guards. This is good business maintenance expenses will be appropriated, every two years, due to new technology, it needs upgrading, therefore, grease money will flow to the politicians and the Government become a milking cow. Democrat strategy, is NOT to SUPPORT Trump program, because common sense, he will be re-elected. If Dems will NOT support Trump program and continue to investigate, his friends, children and some cabinet members etc, it will backfire to the DEMS, Trump still will be re-elected. BUT due to pressure of work, there is a big chance Trump will commit MISTAKES,he will get irritated which lead to the impeachment of Trump and Pence, even until after they were re-elected. If this will happen NANCY PELOSI being the Speaker will be the next POTUS. Today, Trump already announced BORDER WALL is being built as planned, awarded 5 contractors to start building in different areas. Said if Dems will not fund the wall until Feb 15, said don’t waste my time and will continue what is right for the people.